MB Elettronica

MB Elettronica – Product development and industrialization

Product development and industrialization

Engineering Services:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design upon customers specifications
  • Prototyping, Reliability & EMC test
  • Product Industrialization
  • Production Testing
  • Adoption and implementation of technical standards and relevant updates:
    - Cenelec Standards EN-50126, 50128, 50129 
    - IEEE 1558 and associated standards
  • Hardware & Software Engineering

Hardware Engineering:

  • Analysis of Specification
  • Design of Schematics for Electronic Board with dedicated software (e.g. Orcad)
  • Design of Digital and/or Power Supply boards
  • Design of PCB
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • EMC for systems and subsystems
  • Design of board mechanics and external enclousures
  • Documentation

Software Engineering:

  • Software Development Activities:
    - Requirements Analisys
    - Configuration Management (Subversion)
    - Architecture Design
    - Detailed Design
    - Coding & Test
    - Integration
    - Qualification Test
  • Different MCUs Architectures: Microchip, Atmel, ST, Freescale/NXP, ARM (linux embedded devices) 
  • Operating Systems: Linux Embedded, Yocto Project, Microsoft® Windows, iOS and Android

Railways Engineering Products:

  • Display IC (Reverse Engineering)
  • Traction Boards (Reverse Engineering)
  • ETR500 Boards (Reverse Engineering)
  • Power Supply for Railways (Reverse Engineering)
  • Wide Range Power Supply (MB Elettronica’s Product)
  • Electronic Door Control Unit (New Product)
  • Railways Units Test Bench (New Product)

Display IC (Reverse Engineering)

Traction Boards (Reverse Engineering)

Power Supplies for Railways

  • Power Supply for Railways (Reverse Engineering)
  • Wide Range Power Supply (MB Elettronica’s Product)
    - Multiple Outputs Isolated Voltage
    - From 24 to 110 Volts Input Voltage
    - About 120 Watts Power Supply

Electronic Door Control Unit (New Product)

The device is composed by a power supply and a digital boards that:

  • Control push buttons to open or closed the door.
  • Acquire signal from an infrared sensor to detect the people presence.
  • Manage a switch to detect the closed door condition.
  • Drive an electrical brushed motor to open and close the door.
  • Control the motor with a PID (Software) by the acquisition of an incremental encoder signals.
  • Diagnostic and log all inputs and outputs for troubleshooting
  • The integrity level of the SW is SIL 0.

Railways Units Test Bench (New Product)

The hardware is a rack system that include:

  • 2 programmable power supplies
  • PXI-1042 chassis, composed with DAQ, Digital I/O and DMM
  • 11 Relay Modules 32 Channels 2A
  • 1 Relay board 8 Channels
  • 2 Loads board
  • 1 Communication Switch board MVB and WTB
  • 1 Signal Conditioning board for PWM
  • 1 Barcode reader USB 
  • Industrial PC with NI LabVIEW ® and NI TestStand ®

And so on…

  • Automotive Infotainment (Linux Embedded / Android ready).
  • GPRS Datalogger (Linux Embedded).
  • Relay board for tests (Wireless, Ethernet, USB):
    - Relay board 32 channels, controlled via Ethernet, Wifi or USB
    - Configurable via Webserver
    - Creation of a stand-alone test benches
    - Up to 255 boards in the same network
    - Single board can be connected to PC or Tablet for troubleshooting tests.