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MB Elettronica – Quality, Health and Safety policy

Quality, Health and Safety policy

MB Elettronica considers organization as essential and mostly that it is constantly connected to an integrated management of the processes required to make products and provide services, both in terms of conformity and in terms of respect of employees' health and safety. Our main aims are:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: the key for success is the total satisfaction of customers, which means to meet the expectations of our customers about products and services provided;
  2. Professional Integrity: loyalty and fairness in relationships and full sharing of the company aims; transparency towards all spokespersons; improvement of sensitivity, understanding attitude and attention of the whole staff to the different aspects of quality;
  3. Respect of the Regulations in force: respect of the laws, regulations, rules and commitments made and applicable to products / services, Health and Safety at work and the Environment;
  4. Accident reduction: the aim is to reach zero accidents and zero occupational diseases through prevention thanks to a Health and Safety Management System that is in compliance with the reference standards and a proper Organisation and Management Model to comply with the provisions of Decree-Law n° 231 of 08/06/2001.
  5. Maximum efficiency in cost management: to optimise business processes in order to reach the maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness;
  6. Continual improvement: continual improvement of processes and products in order to remain competitive.

MB Elettronica considers Quality a way to comply with the client's needs and it thus mean a complete compliance and reliability of products and a promptness in providing services before and after sales.

 The strong point to reach Quality standards consists of a good involvement and training of staff, the availability of proper resources (tools, testing equipments and materials), as well as selection and growth together with suppliers.

The first commitment of MB Elettronica in managing the business is health and safety of its employees: this aim is pursued by respecting the laws in force and the applicable regulation and by implementing procedures and improvement plans to prevent any undesired and unexpected events, such as accidents and occupation diseases, to occur.

The Board of Directors has acknowledged the development of an integrated management of Quality, Health and Safety as a key strategy. The Managing Director is involved in the respect and implementation of these commitments. Therefore he periodically inspects and controls that the policy is documented, made operational, kept active, periodically revised and applied to the whole staff.