MB Elettronica

MB Elettronica – Over 50 years experience in the field

Over 50 years experience in the field

Our history

Our history began with the assembly of radio cassette players and record players till today when the company has reached a leading position in the market of design and assembly of electronic boards, in the creation of rapid prototyping, testing and repairing.

The key elements of MB Elettronica's success since 1961 are entrepreneurship and family values.

Our history landmarks


Francesco Banelli establishes a company called Cafel S.r.l., a company dealing with the assembly of parts of cassette players, radios and other consumer products.


Francesco Banelli establishes MB Elettronica, a company making specific products for important clients in the rail, defence and telecommunications sectors.


MB Elettronica is awarded the ISO-9001 certification, which is replaced in 2001 by Vision 2000.


MB Elettronica constructs a “Cleanroom” in compliance with the US Fed Std. Class 100000 (ISO 8), Space Qualification.

The company is also warded the prize as Best Supplier in the “Innovation Award” category by Selex Galileo (Finmeccanica Group).


The new factory is inaugurated (4,000 sq. m.).


Process Revision
Lean Manufacturing
Activation of the fifth cutting-edge Yamaha SMT line.
Nordson Asymtek automatic circuit board coating line


IRIS Certification


Superati 30 milioni di euro di fatturato
Certificazione EN 9100
Lean logistics
Premio Knorr-Bremse come miglior fornitore mondiale 2016