MB Elettronica

MB Elettronica – Ethical code

Ethical code

  1. This Code of Ethics is addressed to the Board of Directors, Employees, Temporary Workers, Consultants, Co-workers in any capacity, Suppliers and any other party that may act on behalf of MB Elettronica in general.
  2. The Addressees, while performing their activities and tasks, both in Italy and abroad, shall comply with the principles stated in this Code of Ethics, being inspired by values such as transparency, impartiality, fairness, legality and professional integrity aimed at preserving the Company and safeguard its reputation and image in compliance with the regulations in force.
  3. The Company shall not have any business relationships with those not being inspired by the principles stated in this Code of Ethics to carry out their tasks and pursue primary objectives such as (i) value creation through the optimisation of available resources as well as increase in competitiveness and financial strength in line with sound and prudent corporate management criteria; (ii) HR development through the promotion of professional growth of Employees and Co-Workers.
  4. The Company undertakes consciously not to have any direct or indirect relationships of any kind with parties breaking rules and regulations concerning the protection against child labour, protection of women and/or protection against unlawful work deriving from illegal immigration.
  5. The Company acknowledges the value of human resources by enhancing the protection of their physical and moral integrity and a continuous growth and development of their technical and professional skills. The Company undertakes to create a working environment that guarantees:
  • the protection of safety, health and integrity;
  • the prevention of any discrimination;
  • the respect of people as human beings and the activities they perform within the organisation;
  • the implementation of the principles of merit and equal opportunities;
  • the definition of roles, responsibilities, adequate proxies for Employees to properly and completely carry out their tasks.
  1. The Company required that all the Employees shall act diligently, carefully, impartially and honestly avoiding any form of discrimination not only while performing their tasks but also regarding their relationships with external parties.
  2. In accordance with the principle of responsibility, every single Employee shall be assessed on the basis of his/her individual merit, his/her role/level within the organogram and shall be responsible of all his/her actions and faults.
  3. The Addressees shall act loyally, in good faith, diligently, efficiently and honestly by shaping their conduct around cooperation and mutual collaboration in full compliance with internal procedures.
  4. Every activity carried out on behalf of the Company shall be exclusively aimed at meeting the interests of the Company itself. Therefore, any situation of conflict of interest between the individuals and the Company shall be avoided or at least previously disclosed to the Company Directors in charge.
  5. In order to protect the corporate assets, all the data and information processed while carrying out the activities of the Company shall remain confidential. The obligation not to disclose confidential information remains effective even after termination of the employment agreement and/or the cooperation agreement.
  6. As far as business relationships with third parties are concerned, any benefits, compliments, favours, acts of courtesy and hospitality are forbidden unless their nature and value cannot be interpreted as aimed at getting a favourable treatment and, in any case, cannot compromise the Company's image.
  7. The Company acts in full respect of third-party industrial and intellectual property rights as well as EU and/or international laws, regulations and conventions for the protection of said rights. All the Addressees, while performing their activities, shall avoid any conduct that may cause misappropriation of industrial property titles, alteration or falsification of distinctive marks of industrial products or patents, drawings or industrial models, both national and foreign, or that may violate creations of the mind protected by copyright; they shall also refrain from importing, trading, using or putting on the market industrial products bearing counterfeit, fake or altered distinctive marks made by usurping third-party rights.
  8. The Company encourages and promotes inventiveness and technological evolution of products and processes carried out by its Employees and third parties providing their services to MB Elettronica.
  9. Balance sheets and any other accounting document shall be drafted in compliance with the legislation and regulations in force by applying generally accepted procedures and accounting policies. They shall be inspired by the principle of transparency to accurately report management trends according to specific criteria such as clarity, trustfulness and preciseness in compliance with the company's internal procedures.
  10. Every corporate function is responsible for the full respect of the company's operating procedures, for authenticity and trustfulness of documents and information issued while performing the job.
  11. Any supporting documentation shall be easily made available and stored according to suitable criteria making them easily accessible even to internal and external control bodies.
  12. Suppliers shall be chosen according to principles such as impartiality, expertise, cost-effectiveness, transparency, fairness, quality of the product or service provided in full compliance with the related internal procedures.
  13. Purchasing processes shall be funded on the full respect of the principles and regulations protecting competition to guarantee maximum transparency and efficiency of the process itself. Every Addressee shall thus be required to (i) assess different offers through objective criteria that can be documented; (ii) avoid to take on contractual obligations implying mutual dependence and reject any kind of personal advantage; (iii) ensure that every choice is well traceable by keeping record of documents proving the full compliance with internal procedures and the achievement of purchasing objectives.
  14. Suppliers shall guarantee the full respect of (i) Labour law, customs and habits in force in their country, (ii) the avoidance of any form of discrimination based on race, nationality, sex and religion, (iii) the prohibition of using child labour or unwilling inmates, (iv) the protection of their employees' health.
  15. The Company guarantees professionalism, good reputation and legitimate relationships avoiding to renew or continue any relationships with people suspected to favour or to belong to criminal organisations. To this effect Directors, Managers, Employees and Co-workers shall always verify the reputation and reliability of counterparts as a precautionary measure.
  16. All relationships with clients are aimed at meeting their needs and requirements in order to create a strong relationship based on general values such as fairness, honesty, efficiency and professionalism.
  17. The Company undertakes to guarantee the highest quality standards of the products sold or the services provided.
  18. While carrying out business activities, the Company collects a significant amount of personal data and confidential information, therefore it undertakes to process these data in compliance with all the provisions and regulations in force on privacy and confidentiality and the best procedures applied in that sense.
  19. The Company shall respect the individual right of protecting the personal data of those concerned, be they Managers, Employees, Co-workers, Clients or Suppliers, Contractors, Consultants, or Partners, and shall provide them with a comprehensive and updated information notice on data processing, even sensitive data, collected by the Company itself or collected and/or processed during business activities. The Company shall demand the informed consent of those concerned whenever necessary and exclusively for data processing specific purposes.
  20. The Company guarantees a high level of security in selecting and using their information technology systems for confidential information and personal data processing.
  21. The Company undertakes to promote security, risk awareness and respect of the regulations in force on prevention and protection encouraging people to act responsibly. 
  22. The Company adopts an environmental management system that complies with the national and international regulations in force undertaking to:
  • limit and reduce pollutant emissions;
  • optimise constantly the use of resources;
  • develop environment-friendly products and services.
  1. Every Employee and Co-worker is required to protect and use carefully the Company's goods and equipments made available to them to carry out their tasks by avoiding any misuse and any use for personal purposes that may damage them.
  2. Any use of computer systems that violates the legislation in force and may allow unauthorised intrusion or damage to other computer systems is forbidden.
  3. The Addressees are required to stick to the company's procedures and policies on computer security and use the company's computing devices in compliance with said procedures and policies.
  4. The Company shall condemn and punish all acts or actions carried out by the Addressees that involve receiving stolen goods, money laundering and investment of assets, goods or profits deriving from any sort of criminal activity.
  5. Directors, Employees and Co-workers are required to strictly abide by the regulations, policies and corporate procedures in any business transaction - even intra-group transactions - involving them to ensure full traceability of cash inflows and outflows and full compliance of these transactions with the legislation on anti-money laundering; they are also required to abide by procedures on the use of cash and petty cash subject to the limits set in Legislative Decree  231/2007.
  6. The compliance with the provisions of this Code of Ethics is an essential part of the contractual obligations of the Company's Employees and Co-workers. Therefore, the non-compliance with these provisions constitutes a non-fulfilment of obligations deriving from the working relationship or disciplinary offence that may affect the continuation of the working relationship and result in compensation actions.
  7. The provisions set in this Code of Ethics are applied to temporary workers, who are obliged to abide by these precepts. Any breach or violation may result in disciplinary action being taken against them by the employment agencies involved.
  8. As far as Directors and Auditors are concerned, any breach of the Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary actions being proportionate to the seriousness or recidivism or degree of misconduct up to justified dismissal to be submitted to the Company's General Meeting of shareholders.
  9. As for the Addressees that are not Employees of the Company, the compliance with this Code of Ethics is a condition for continuation of the professional relationship/collaboration with the Company; therefore, any breach of the provisions of this Code of Ethics shall be considered as non-fulfilment of contractual obligations, with all the legal consequences thereof, even with respect to termination of contract and/or mandate and may result in the Company claiming compensation for damages.